Employment Law

employment law

We practice Employment Law and represent employees with wrongful termination/discharge claims. Oregon is an at-will employment state, employees without an employment contract can be fired for any reason except when they are a member of a protected class and the termination is because of their membership in the protected class. Protected classes include gender, race, national origin, age, disability, religion, worker’s compensation claims/injuries, family medical leave, and whistleblowers/reports of illegal activity. Discrimination and harassment based on an employee’s protected class can lead to an employee resigning from employment, this can be the basis of a wrongful constructive termination/discharge claim. Federal and state employment law protects employees concerning wage and hour issues. Employees must be paid for the time they are working and given breaks based on the hours they work. With many employers and employees unaware of the laws and with most employers outsourcing payroll there are few areas of law that are violated as much as our wage and hour laws. Depending on how an employee is separated from their job, final wages could be due as soon as the last day worked, or delayed as much as five days later if the employer does not make the payment on time penalty wages and attorney’s fees can be due to the former employee. If you are forced to sue your former employer to enforce your rights under Oregon’s wage and hour laws you may be entitled to unpaid wages, penalties, interest and an award of attorney’s fees. If you have questions about your employment situation we offer a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case and how the law applies to your situation.