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Personal Injury and Other Civil Wrongs

Lyndon Ruhnke- Personal InjuryWhen someone causes loss or harm to you deliberately or carelessly it is a tort or a civil “wrong” and the action that caused the harm or loss results in legal liability for the wrong doer or “tortfeasor”. Torts can be caused by negligent or intentional acts and encompass acts as varied auto accidents, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and professional malpractice. People who have been injured or harmed in other ways can often feel overwhelmed dealing with insurance claims, filing out reports, and gathering documents, at the same time they are recovering from emotional or physical injuries. If you feel that you can’t or shouldn’t handle the situation alone please take advantage of a free consultation with us.

Individuals who are injured by the actions of others frequently make mistakes that can diminish the value of their claim. Failing to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, or trying to “tough it out” is often later represented as didn’t need medical attention or the injury wasn’t that severe. Skipping treatment or quitting treatment before being released by a doctor is often translated into the injuries were not severe or recovery happened quickly as noted by the large gaps between medical treatments. If you are injured by the actions of another it is up to you to attentively pursue your own physical recovery.

Failing to document the accident through pictures and writing, if at all possible, is a mistake. Memories fade and stories change, but pictures and other contemporary documentation of the incident and the aftermath are vital in accurately representing what happened to you. Insurance companies representing the interests of those who have caused you harm will often attempt to get a statement or settlement quickly following an accident, even before you are finished with medical treatment, you should not give recorded statements, sign medical releases, or settle your case without first speaking with an experienced attorney, please give us a call.